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Internship, Volunteer, Employment Opportunities

Would you like to explore opportunities that include job shadowing professionals, participating in special programs and internships, and participating in other ways in healthcare related settings? Below you will find mentorship, volunteer, internship, special programs & employment opportunities in the healthcare industry as well as other industry sectors.

  • Mentorship programs offer academic support and professional growth opportunities for you to learn from healthcare professionals
  • Volunteer opportunities will be more general and you will be placed where you the program needs volunteers. 
  • Internships will offer you a more hands on experience with a specific focus, job shadowing, training, skill development, mentorship, possibly offer a stipend (pay), and have extensive applications.
  • In addition to these, most hospitals have volunteer opportunities. Check at the hospital nearest you.
  • Also check below for opportunities including employment/job opportunities in other industry sectors in the Los Angeles area.

Once you find the right opportunity and you would like additional resources in preparing to apply for an internship or employment opportunity, speak to one of your teachers or your counselor for additional support.

Summer Internship

Please note: you must be logged into your LAUSD gmail account to access the document linked above.


Potential Organizations to Host Student Volunteers

The following organizations listed under The Wellness Center and Building Healthy Communities Boyle Heights are potential organizations who work closely with the two of them.
  • The Wellness Center - Anna Parra - Development Manager ([email protected])
    • East Los Angeles Women's Center 
    • Alma Family Services
    • Jovenes, Inc. 
    • Maternal and Child Health Access
  • Building Healthy Communities Boyle Heights - Ismael Castro - Project Manager ([email protected])
    • Inner City Struggle 
    • CASA 0101 
    • Self Help Graphics and Art 
    • Community Power Collective 
    • LA VOICE
    • Public Health Advocates 
    • Gender and Sexualities Alliance Network 
    • Weingart YMCA - East Los Angeles
    • Legacy Los Angeles Youth Development Corporation
    • Latino Equality Alliance - Zacariah Flores - Program Coordinator ([email protected])
  • Additional Community Service Organizations: 


Community Service/Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at Plaza de la Raza!

♦ Contact Kay Rosser, Volunteer Coordinator ♦

(Please see her email info. above)


Participate in Kaiser’s Cards of Kindness Program! Create cards (and posters) for patients in the hospital as well as for Kaiser staff.   

According to Kathleen McIntire, Director of Volunteer and Chaplain Services, "This time has been particularly rough for our staff, especially as the COVID surge is growing. We would truly appreciate anything that your students would like to provide to us."

From Kaiser's Volunteer Services Office regarding CARDS OF KINDNESS PROGRAM:

  • There is no limit to how to make the cards as long as they are appropriate for our members. No Political or religious views or anything that may come in conflict with our members.
  • Submit 25 cards for a credit of 1.5 hours. The submission of cards have to be in person or mailed in to the volunteer services office.
  • Send cards to:

Kathleen McIntire, DVS

Kaiser Permanente LAMC

4867 Sunset Blvd, Rm 232

Los Angeles, CA 90027

  • Please make sure that you label the cards you send in with your name so that Kaiser may be able to keep track of what came in from you.

Please also keep track, yourself, of the number of cards you send in to the program. You may do this on your Volunteer Hours Log Sheet. All community service forms are in the line green folder in Resources (left sidebar) or on the Magnet Office webpage in the school website. Get creative, spread kindness, enjoy the gift of giving!


View the two videos on Dr. Brett Feldman's work with the homeless and Street Medicine:

House Calls for the Homeless:

Street Medicine: Caring for the Homeless with Radical Humility (TED Talk):

After listening to Dr. Brett Feldman speak about Street Medicine and his work in taking care of the homeless, here is an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and solutions on how we may take action to better bring medical aid to the homeless. The following is a checklist to help you create a PowerPoint presentation. Consider it as a rubric for what you should include in your presentation. Each criteria is attached to the number of hours that you may earn. 


  • STATE the issue; Show that you have become more aware of the issue. [½ hour]
  • LIST possible solutions; Think of a solution(s) to combat that issue. [1 hour]
  • OUTLINE the steps needed for action; How can we act on the solution? [2 hours]
  • PRESENT your thoughts; Share with the Club MD members and/or other students in your class. [1 hour]
  • FACILITATE/LEAD a discussion; How may our actions assist and change the community? [½ hour]

Notify Dhamar Carrillo (Club MD President) or Mrs. Dypiangco (Magnet Coordinator and sponsor of Club MD) if you plan on doing the project and completing community service hours.


Camp Ready LA: Camp ReadyLA will be a week-long program that provides a look into the life of an emergency manager and equips young program participants aged 15-25 with disaster preparedness, team building, and leadership skills to pave the way for their professional development.


LA City Earn, Learn & Play:

The Earn Learn Play (ELP) initiative is back again this year, connecting all young people of the City of Los Angeles to recreational, educational, and paid internship opportunities throughout this summer!



UNITE-LA’s Tech Pathway Academy-

powered by Microsoft is launching Oct. 3rd, 2023, 4:30-6:00 pm.

This is a nine-week, after-school academy that is promoting career awareness, certification and enrichment program that develops the next generation of industry leaders. 

Through a series of activities, youth will experience the many career paths in popular tech industries.

High school students must be between the ages of 16-18 years at the start of the program to be able to participate. 


Tech Pathways


Students that are part of the program will:

  • Earn college credit from Los Angeles Trade-Technical College 
  • Learn about high-earning career pathways in the tech sector 
  • Complete free tech certification courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Development and Product Management 
  • Gain access to paid tech internship opportunities
  • Please see the attached flyer for more details.

The deadline for students to apply is Friday, September 8th

Students can apply HERE

Lastly, students can also earn a free laptop by meeting certain requirements. UNITE-LA will provide additional information upon acceptance into the program. Space in the program is limited. 

If you have any questions regarding the Tech Academy, please reach out to Geraldine Contreras-Jaimerena at [email protected]or contact, Diana Balbuena at [email protected].

STEM Perspectives: Neuroscience Fall 2023 Program Registration


In this FREE program led by USC STEM students (one who is a Bravo Alum!), we will provide high school students with opportunities to understand the human brain. This course will focus on studying the brain and research methods. Students will also gain insight into STEM careers through various guest speakers. Other related topics will include the role of artificial intelligence, computer science, and public health in neuroscience. This program will not only enrich your knowledge about the brain, but it will also guide you to further explore your future goals and provide you with a valuable extracurricular activity. You will also gain access to events and resources provided by the K-12 STEM Center at USC Viterbi and make long-lasting connections with USC student mentors and faculty. 

All High School students are welcome and encouraged to participate. Participants will receive certificates upon full completion of the program. 

Students must have access to the Internet and Zoom for this program. 

Registration Link: 

Registration Timeline: September 13th - October 11th, Wednesdays from 5 PM - 6 PM PST

Registration Deadline:  11:59 pm September 8th, 2023


Community Health Youth Advocates (CHYA)

Interest form available now; Application deadline August 31, 2023.

Community Health Youth Advocates (CHYA) is a multilayered academic program designed for high school students. Our scholars are educated on the healthcare landscape, exposed to local and global health disparities, and empowered to pave their own path toward a degree and career in the healthcare field. Throughout the year-long academic program, our scholars participate in several components, also known as sessions, which includes Community Health and Care Systems (Fall 2023), Rites of Passage (Winter 2024); Professional Trainings and Certifications (Spring 2024), and In-Person Internship (Summer 2024). Students who successfully complete all components of the program receive a $1,000 stipend.

Click HERE for more information


Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) in Public and Community Health are currently recruiting TEENS to participate in a Public and Community Health based research study.  This study is continuing in the 2023-24 school year.

Participation would include the following:

  • Screening to determine eligibility (phone or online)
  • 3 hour study visit at USC, including brain scanning
  • 10 days of brief assessments as you go about your daily life while wearing an activity monitor.

Interest students at Bravo will need to have parents/guardians contact the researchers via the contact info below:

CALL: (213) 770-7675
EMAIL: [email protected]

For further information, see the flyer below (click on image for pdf) and/or click here for a full description of the protocol for the study.

UPenn Wharton Global Youth Program - Finance

Explore business fundamentals right at home with Wharton instructors and peers around the world.

Wharton Global Youth’s Online Programs are interactive, pre-collegiate experiences for students currently enrolled in grades 9–12. Led by Wharton faculty and instructional staff, these programs explore topics driven by Wharton research and teaching, and have been adapted specifically for the virtual classroom. Students engage with our rigorous business education while studying and networking with global peers, all before they head to college.

See all the information at the website:

Program Description:

AltaMed’s Youth Champions program empowers high school students in grades 10th -12th to enhance their life skills, including leadership, communication, financial literacy, positive mindset, determination to work hard, and GRIT. Students who demonstrate a willingness to work hard will build courage, perseverance, creativity and problem- solving skills.

Program Objective:

Our students demonstrate the ability to pursue and achieve goals with a positive mindset to work hard and persevere. Youth Champions are determined to become lifelong learners and leaders.


Successful healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives will recruit fellow speakers, mentors, teachers, and collaborators to host a series of 24 workshops. Workshops will be held weekly, on Zoom. These workshops are one hour after school and do not interfere with the school day. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Youth Champions book club and inspirational and educational video contests where they can “earn to learn” and will receive cash prizes for participating.

We are excited to announce AltaMed Youth Champions will operate as an educational internship for this upcoming school year where students will earn a stipend for hours spent completing this unique personal development program.

USC Viterbi STEM Perspectives: Public Health Fall 2022 Program

Click on image above to view overview video!

Registration deadline: Oct 24, 2022.

What: In this program led by USC STEM students, we will be providing high school students with opportunities geared towards understanding public health. The focus of this course will be on studying the determinants of health on micro and macro level and research methods in the field of public health. Students will also gain insight into STEM careers through various guest speakers. Other related topics will include the role of the pandemic, social influence, environmental factors, and lawmaking in regards to public health.
Participants will receive certificates upon completion of the program.

DEADLINE: 11:59pm Oct 24th

When: Thursdays from 5-6 pm PST (Oct 27th - Dec 7th)
Where: Zoom
Who: All High School students are welcome and encouraged to participate

Why: This program will not only enrich you knowledge about the public health, but it will also guide you with further exploration of your future goals and provide you with a valuable extracurricular activity. You will also gain access to events and resources provided by the K-12 STEM Center at USC Viterbi and make long-lasting connections with your USC student mentors and faculty.

If you have any questions, please contact Rojan Javaheri at [email protected]


Are you planning to become a medical doctor? This program will help you explore future career options:

The Pre-Med Summer Scholar Program is an intense, one-week, primarily educational program incorporating medical guest speakers and hospital tours and activities giving the Summer Scholar an involved sense of working within the field of medicine. The goal of the program is to expose the Summer Scholar to a variety of medical professions in hope that they make a more informed decision about their own path to medicine. This is not a "summer camp-like" program and housing accommodations are not included. The cost is $1,000. Last year's curriculum included:

  • Anesthesiologist roundtable
  • Pathology Tour
  • Internal Medicine resident forum
  • Emergency Medicine physician Q&A
  • Visit to School of Dentistry
  • Brain Mapping and Robotics Tour
  • CPR Training
  • Volunteer shifts and service

UCLA Participate and Volunteer Programs

Opportunities to engage with our communities are available to everyone, including students. The resources on this page will help you to find opportunities that are right for you, whether it is volunteering in one of our community programs or participating in community-engaged research.

Some of these programs have age requirements (18 & over), for opportunities for students 18 & under please click here for the link to UCLA Volunteer Programs.

LA tech talent pipeline

The Bixel Exchange is an internship program that connects underrepresented young Angelenos to stable and lucrative careers in the rapidly growing L.A. tech industry. See the link for more information for this paid opportunity!

Eve And Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program - Los Angeles Pediatric Society (LAPS)

This program is best described as a medical mentor program. Under the supervision of a health care educator/medical facility coordinator, participants shadow various medical professionals (nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist, lab technician, physician and/or medical specialist etc.) who together provide a range of patient care services. 

A stipend is available upon request for any student with financial need. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program and one $500 scholarship will be awarded. Funding is provided by contributions from individuals and groups. If you would to donate to this life changing program, please donate below.

For more information:

To access the application:


We run an intensive summer program, which connects deserving LA County public high school juniors and seniors with the chance to work in dynamic career areas through paid internships of four or more weeks during their summer break. Students have worked in fields like Arts, Media & Entertainment, Engineering & Tech, Business, Government/Non-Profit/Philanthropy, and Healthcare & Medical Technology. This program is now open by application January. Deadline is October 17, 2021.


Junior Health Scholar Overview

Observe how the care delivery and administrative teams work together to deliver excellent care and explore whether a career in health care is right for you.

The Junior Health Scholar program allows high school students between the ages of 16-18 to shadow a current Health Scholar and observe how the patient care and administrative teams work together to deliver excellent care and to explore whether a career in health care is right for you. Most individuals complete the program in nine (9) months with a commitment of one 4-hour shift per week. For those looking to complete the program faster, we offer a 3-month option where you will receive priority shift selection.


Experience Your Future in Medicine

Future doctors and health care practitioners will enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to discover their passions through hands-on medical experience at NYLF Medicine. Over nine amazing days on the campus location of your choice, you will experience the collegiate lifestyle firsthand, learn from doctors, participate in an interactive curriculum led by advisors, visit a top medical school, test your medical knowledge during clinical skills rotations, and explore professional opportunities in the ever-expanding fields of medicine and health care among fellow high school students.

Fore more information see the website: 



The LAC+USC Department of Patient Volunteer Services provides volunteer opportunities matched to your schedule and interests.

Volunteering at LAC+USC Medical Center provides an exceptional opportunity to take an active role in your community,build skills, make a difference, and explore career opportunities. Countless volunteers have gone on to pursuecareers in the healthcare field as a result of their volunteer experience.

If you are interested in becoming an Adult or Junior Volunteer, contact the Volunteer Office at (323) 409-6945to explore opportunities or email us for more information at [email protected]. You must submit an application and attend an orientation program in addition to other requirements.

Click Here for More Information 


Follow LAC+USC Volunteer Services on Instagram for more!


The UCLA Health Volunteen Summer Program is a seven week program. It will  begin on Friday, June 26, 2020, and end Friday, August 14, 2020. You will be required to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours. Once you are accepted into the program, as a Volunteen, you may begin your volunteering rotation in the following critical area:

  • Patient Transport : Assists in the Patient Transport office at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. They are responsible for discharging patients, assisting in transfers, and helping the patient transport staff. This is a great opportunity for students to see all areas of the hospital and get clinical exposure. Shifts are available seven days a week.
  • Wayfinding: Wayfinders are stationed at hospital entrances and greet each visitor/patient along with providing wheelchair and escort assistance. Wayfinders must be friendly, proactive, and have good communication and customer service skills. 2-hour shifts are available Monday-Friday between 8:00am - 4:00pm. Due to the standing nature of this position, 4 hours will be rewarded for 2 hours of Wayfinding services.
  • Floater: Volunteers help deliver patient mail and newspapers. The assignments can change each shift depending on needs of department . Volunteers are assigned to the Volunteer Office for one, four-hour shift per week between 9:00 am - 4:00 am on Monday through Friday (weekends are not available).

Qualification and Health Requirements

  • Minimum age 16 years old 
  • Agreement to volunteer 50 hours
  • Proof of Varicella, MMR and TB. Please click here for detailed information on health requirements
  • A valid, government-issued photo ID (driver's license, state ID, passport)

White Memorial - Volunteer & Workforce Development

As a Volunteer, you'll work with our hospital staff to provide quality care to patients and assist in meeting the needs of our patients and their families and visitors.
Requirements for Volunteering at White Memorial:
  1. You must be at least 14.5 years of age (prospective volunteers will be placed in an administrative office).
  2. You must have updated Immunization record.
  3. References (2 professional references for adults; 1 school reference for teenagers).
  4. Agree to report ON TIME regularly in full uniform with I.D. badge and be in compliance with the dress code when you arrive at your assigned area.
  5. Background checks will be conducted if the participant is over 18 years old and wants to volunteer in any of the following areas: Pediatric Playroom, Labor & Delivery, Maternity, Rehab, and Emergency Department.

The Benefits of Volunteering:

  1. Personal satisfaction in helping others.
  2. Opportunity to gain experience within the healthcare field.
  3. Certificate of Service after 100 hours of volunteering.
  4. $5 complimentary meal ticket when you volunteer for 4 or more hours in 1 day.
  5. Free TB skin test and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination.
  6. Opportunity to participate in White Memorial employee activities such as the annual picnic, ice cream socials and holiday parties.
  7. Complimentary parking.

For more information about volunteering at White Memorial, please click here.


2023 COMTO Youth Symposium

The upcoming 2023 COMTO Youth Symposium is exclusively designed for high school students interested in the transportation industry for FREE. This exciting event is hosted by LA Metro at the LA Metro Headquarters and promises to be a day filled with learning, networking, and inspiration.

Date: Saturday, July 8th

Time: 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Location: LA Metro Headquarters, 1 Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012


The 2023 COMTO Youth Symposium offers high school students a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals, participate in engaging workshops to develop their leadership skills and gain insights from inspiring youth leaders who are making a difference in the transportation field. This event is exclusively tailored to high school students who have an interest in exploring the diverse opportunities within the transportation industry. It serves as a platform for them to discover various career paths, interact with professionals in the field, and cultivate valuable connections.

Please note that spaces for the symposium are limited to 125, and we encourage interested students to RSVP promptly to secure their spot.

Registration/RSVP link HERE



Top Coding And Computer Science Summer Programs

If you’re interested in coding, enrolling in a summer program is a great idea. For instance, you can launch your academic and career readiness in computer science (aka CS). Uniquely to computer science, any independent or project-based coding work you engage at any age counts. So, you can start now towards your professional development and hiring prospects! Consequently, below is a list of coding summer programs for aspiring programmers. Don’t worry, because Empowerly is here to help you plan your summer.

2021 Annenberg Youth Academy for Media and Civic Engagement

Interested in majoring in media communications and journalism?

The Annenberg Youth Academy for Media and Civic Engagement is a four-week summer intensive academy for 26 talented high school students from the communities surrounding the USC University Park and Health Science Campuses. Students are exposed to the equivalent of first-year college-level courses and develop a rich conceptual understanding and practice of the necessary role that media communications and journalism play in fashioning civic-minded thought leaders and innovators.

AYA strengthens students’ skills in writing, critical thought, public speech and debate, multimedia production, interviewing and ethnography — all essential competencies required for excellence in and out of the classroom in the 21st century. The students are introduced to USC Annenberg’s undergraduate programs and services, as well as possible careers in media and journalism. They have opportunities to meet the school's innovative scholars who are advancing issues of race, gender, and ethnicity in communication and journalism communities of practice.

Program Dates: Wednesday June 16 - Wednesday July 7th 
Program Time: 12:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. via Zoom

AYA 2021 includes:

  • AYA swag
  • 2 periods per day (each day we will cover a different topic)
  • College advising and college essay preparation from the USC College Advising Corps
  • Ability to meet new peers and engage with our faculty, students and staff
  • Participate directly from your home
  • Free of cost for the 28 students selected to participate

As you prepare to apply, read about a LAUSD Highschool student’s experience at AYA.

The AYA 2021 application has opened. Click the button below to apply. Apply for AYA 2021


CA SCIENCE CENTER - Community Teen Programs

The CA Science Center remains temporarily closed. Check back for updates.

Looking to strengthen your leadership, communication, and love of science?

In partnership with local schools and community-based organizations, the California Science Center has developed science-enrichment and workforce preparedness programs for teens. 

Goals of these paid intern programs include:

  • Fostering self-esteem
  • Making science learning relevant to the interns’ lives
  • Using informal science education as a vehicle to build skills for academic achievement in all disciplines
  • Preparing students for the workforce and college by focusing on communication and leadership skills
  • Stimulating lifelong learning

Community Teen Intern Program

  • Interns in grades 10 through 12 work alongside California Science Center staff to inspire science learning in everyone. Their work may entail working with California Science Center guests, community partners, and other groups of learners. Primary responsibility is to deliver and engage in science activities. Other responsibilities may include supervising children, public speaking, and mentoring other students. All teen interns will learn job-related skills as well as life skills.


  • School Year Program: Must be a currently enrolled high school student in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade with a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Summer Program: Must be a currently enrolled high school student in 10th or 11th grade with a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Ability to obtain a valid work permit.
  • Returning applicants (interns) who were previously employed by the California Science Center Foundation are encouraged to apply
  • Applicants who reside within a one (1) mile radius of the California Science Center are encouraged to apply
  • Ability to follow directions and be a team player
  • Positive, enthusiastic attitude and strong work ethic
  • Eagerness to learn, help others learn, and willing to contribute creative ideasa


If you are between the ages of 16 and 24, you have a lot to offer a business when you know what employers expect.  Go to our Workshop and learn what employers want, then attend a practice interview with professional mentors who will share their tips and wisdom.  When you're ready, earn The Certificate, which local businesses see as a respected badge that you are prepared for their job or paid internship. 

Success begins with preparation.  Looking for a job can be stressful, especially when it's your first try.  Employers know what they are looking for in a job candidate, and Human Resource professionals, the people who set hiring standards, told us what successful applicants need to know.  That's why employers trust applicants with our Work Readiness Certificate, because they know that you've learned what it takes to do well in their workplace.  

L.A. Youth at Work is respected by over 150 companies, who appreciate the quality of our candidates.  Preparing yourself by earning the Certificate reduces your stress and leads to success with a job or paid internship, so get started now.

Attention Bravo Students 16+ years old-

Lifeguard Ready Training

The Department of Parks and Recreation is committed to expanding its diverse workforce and developing lifeguards within the communities we serve.  The Lifeguard Ready Training (LRT) program is aimed at providing an inclusive education and training program to youth ages 16- 24 focused on the fundamental skills necessary to become a Los Angeles County Swimming Pool Lifeguard. The program is intended to train interested students/participants to an acceptable level to participate in the County Pool Lifeguard Training Academy as a Pool Lifeguard candidate.

LAUSD Beyond the Bell Graduating HS Seniors Recruitment: Summer and Fall

LAUSD Beyond the Bell Graduating HS Seniors Recruitment: Summer and Fall

The LAUSD Beyond the Bell Middle School Unit is actively recruiting graduating HS Seniors for employment with middle school programs.  Our program is one that is of great benefit to those students that are planning in attending college in the city of Los Angeles.  Students can attend morning college classes and work with LAUSD afterschool programs in the afternoons.  Currently, we have a large need in all areas of LAUSD, LD East and Central.  We are searching for staff that can assist with student supervision, sports coaching, dance coaching and academic support. 

LAUSD Beyond the Bell Middle School Unit Job Interest Application 2021-2022

Click below for full informational PDF

HIRE LA’s Youth

Applications will be open in the Spring: 

HIRE LA’s Youth will help you prepare for a summer or year round job.  We will help you write your resume, practice interviews and learn how to manage the money you will be earning.  Out of school?  No problem.

We will help you get back on track and on your way to a career.  Applications often exceed jobs available.


LA County has Student Worker positions for various jobs. See this link to the Job Opportunities with LA County for more information.

Join UNITE-LA for our virtual Future Forward Forum
featuring local employers and resources
from the health care and tech sectors
to equip you with the insight needed to move your future forward.


Thursday, Oct. 28 | 4-5:30 p.m. | via Zoom -  See the flyer to register!

Lots of employers on hand to meet students, and advice for students on:

  • How to make ‘work experience’ work for you
  • How to cultivate career connections in health care and technology
  • How to make real money moves - apply for paid internships and programs to increase your awareness of growing industries and related career pathways


Are you 14 & older and looking for a job? Check out the LA County Youth Bridges Program:

Program Overview

The Countywide Youth Bridges Program (CYBP) provides at-risk and disconnected youth with career exposure opportunities within the County of Los Angeles, and provides them with resources such as supportive services and personal enrichment training that will help prepare them for future success. More importantly, the CYBP will ultimately introduce youth to various career pathways within the  public sector.

CYBP provides meaningful career exposure within the County by offering a three-step program.

Step 1 Youth@Work Internship Benefits

  • Receive up to 120 hours of paid work experience at the rate of $13.25/hour
  • Opportunity to work in a diverse County department
  • Potential long-term employment options

Step 2 Youth Worker Training Benefits - (eligible after completing Step 1 above)

Youth who participate in the training program will receive the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary during the internship
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Technical job training and guidance on workplace behavior, competencies, individual responsibilities, and development of occupational skill sets.

Step 3: Upon successful completion of their training, Youth Worker will be eligible to compete for permanent County positions.

To be eligible for Step 1:

  • You must be a resident of LA County
  • You must be 14-24 years of age
  • You must have the right to work in the US

How to Apply

To apply for the Youth Worker Training Program, simply create a Profile on the Los Angeles County online Job Application system by clicking here. You can search for open positions available through the program and submit an application for those you are interested in. 

See Ms. Montes in Room 100 for a flyer.


Looking for a job right now? Apply here:

  • Youth@Work builds on the Earn and Learn model by pairing paid work experience with a comprehensive and strategic set of employment, training and support services provided through a network of America’s Job Centers of California (AJCCs).
  • Youth@Work services are targeted to priority youth populations with the highest need, including: school dropouts, foster, probation, homeless, Transitional Age Youth (TAY), and CalWORKs youth.
  • The goal of Youth@Work is to provide youth with a menu of multilevel services that offer access to work experience, work readiness, personal enrichment training, academic and career counseling, and advanced career services. The services may be rendered in a progressive or combined manner as appropriate to meet participant needs.