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Bravo Summer Bridge 2024


2024 Bravo Summer Bridge for Incoming 9th Graders: 2-Week Program

Program Dates:  July 22-August 2 from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

*Teacher & student leader training July 17 and 218

Welcome to Bravo, Class of 2028!

Are you feeling nervous and/or excited about starting high school?  Join our Summer Bridge Program to help you transition from middle school to high school:

      1.  Meet your future classmates and teachers to get a better sense of what Bravo high school is all about.

      2.  Earn 2.5 elective credits for your participation and completion of the Summer Bridge Program requirements.  Daily attendance,  project completion, and participation are requirements to earn credits. 

      3.  Students will work on a group project and presentation about an issue related to stress.  How does stress affect the brain and body?   

PLEASE NOTE: Transportation will not be provided during the summer.   

**Unfortunately, this year, space will be limited.  We only have space for 120 students.  We will close the registration link by May 26th and we will email confirmations by early June.**  

How do I register?

Link to register for the 2024 Summer Bridge Program for incoming 9th graders:

Link to register:

Registration for the Summer Bridge Program will close until we reach capacity or by May 31st.  Please check your email the week before July 22 for information about the 1st day of the program.  Any questions, please search our Bravo Directory to message the program coordinator, Ms. Paulina Martinez. 


Daily Schedule: 

2 Weeks (July 22- August 2)

8:30-9:00--Check-in, Advisory

9:00-10:00–Instruction and Group Activities

10:00-10:30–Break and Snack Time

10:30-12:00--Project Planning: Group Meetings, Research

12:00-12:30–Exit Ticket, Reflection, Team Building


12:30-1:30--Common planning time for Summer Bridge Leaders and Teachers (Pupil-Free Time)


Tentative Plan for 10-Day Summer Bridge Program:

*Teachers & Student Leaders will work out details during Teacher PD Time

Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday Thursday    Friday       
    **Teacher Training **Teacher Training **Teacher Training

Day 1: 

↪Meet with students​--Introduction to school, teachers, students & student leaders

↪Team Building ​

↪Intro to PBL*
Project Based Learning​

Day 2: 

↪Team Building​

↪PBL &​ Reading Strategies

↪Get to know your brain continued

↪School Tour​

Day 3: 

↪Team Building​

↪PBL--Get to know your physiological responses to stress

↪Guest Speaker

Day 4: 

↪Team Building​

↪PBL & healthy

coping skills​ vs. unhealthy coping mechanisms

Day 5: 

↪PBL & stressful scenarios​

↪Intro to small groups​

↪Intro to School Programs and career pathways

Day 6:  

↪Intro to Stressful Scenarios​

↪Team Building

↪Guest Speaker

Day 7: 

↪Team Building​

↪PBL planning, research, & presentation Skills​

Day 8: 

↪Team Building​

↪Prep for mock-presentations​

↪Finalize PLB​

Day 9:

↪Final day of PBLpresentations​


Day 10:

↪9th Grade


& Celebration of



Community Walk of Bravo Programs