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Instructional Technology


The Los Angeles Unified School District is working to ensure every student and employee has access to the internet connectivity needed for high-quality teaching and learning.

We are exploring device and connectivity needs to provide the right solution for every student, every educator, and every family. Please let us know how we can best support your child by completing the Parent Acknowledgement and Device/Connectivity Request Form.

Parents and guardians can now use a single form to request computing devices and/or connectivity services for all children enrolled in an LAUSD school.

LAUSD-Sponsored High-Speed Internet

Families who have submitted connectivity requests at may be eligible to receive district-sponsored high-speed internet connectivity for their homes. Qualifying families are sent correspondence inviting them to accept 12 months of service at no cost to them.

All families are encouraged to visit to let us know of any support needed with devices and/or internet connectivity.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Do you already have broadband internet at home but need help to afford it? You may qualify for a monthly discount through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, which is a national program managed by the Federal Communications Commission. Learn more at


Student MyMail Email Account Activation and/or Password Reset 

Please click HERE to find instructions on how to activate your LAUSD email account and/or to reset your password.

SSO Account Portal for activation and reset:

NOTE: Be sure to select “Reset password with District ID and Student PIN”

Password Reset Workaround for Error Messages

Students who get consistent error messages on the SSO/Password Reset portal ( when they try to reset their password following the instructions (error messages such as 'too many attempts' or 'wait for 30 days', etc.) may report to Ms. Gutierrez in the library who can reset their password with a temporary, working password.  Passwords have been reset in this way and students were then able to successfully login to their Chromebooks and access Schoology, etc.

Technology and Connectivity Information

  • School Wifi Access Instructions for Faculty, Staff, and Students:

    1. Open settings or network settings or wireless connections or network connections (depending on device).  
    2. Make sure wifi is turned ON on your device.  
    3. Select the LAUSD (NOT  LAUSD-GUEST) network.  
    4. Enter your district/school/SSO user name (full email address) and password (you may need to scroll down a bit and to enter password)
    5. You may receive a message that asks "Do you trust this network?"  Click trust to download needed certificates.  
    6. You may see the word "connecting" appear until your device is connected to the wifi
    7. Once a check mark appears or receive connected, you are connected to LAUSD wifi!

  • Troubleshooting WiFi Connectivity and Access Issues (on wireless devices including Chromebooks and laptops)
    • Shut down and restart the device
      • How to Properly Shut Down to Receive District Updates including SBAC Testing Browser Update (PDF below)
        • Click on link above for instructions on properly shutting down Chromebooks to receive district updates.
    • Turn off WiFi and then turn back on, then try reconnecting to the network and signing in
    • Try "forgetting" or deleting the found WiFI network on the device (such as the LAUSD network) and then let the device scan or find the WiFI network again; then try to connect and login.
  • If you get a message that your LAUSD account has been disabled, try resetting your password at
  • For additional possible problems connecting at school and/or at home, check the Frequently Asked Questions at this page:

Important Information and Links for Students

Technical Support

If you are having difficulty with the setup and access to district applications (MyMail, Schoology, etc.) and/or with district issued hardware (Chromebooks, HotSpots), the best resources to contact are the following:

1. Call the COVID-19 Hotline/Parent Portal for tech support and other info at 213-443-1300
2. Go to this page for support links and chat:
3. Call the LAUSD Help Desk at 213-241-5200

These resources are available every day Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4 pm.