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Magnet Office - Community Service/Work Permits

Community Service Requirements

We at Bravo Medical Magnet High School believe community service is an important component of a rigorous education. Serving as a volunteer does the following:

❖ Develops strong character and sense of responsibility

❖ Exposes students to a variety of career options

❖ Provides a means for students to make a positive impact in their community

Students are required to complete 40 hours of community service prior to graduation from Bravo. The 40 hours may be served at any time during the calendar year including summer. Since 40 hours of community service is a graduation requirement, students are highly encouraged to complete their service hours as early as possible. All seniors must have their service hours completed by the first semester of their 12th grade year. Students are encouraged to choose a form of community service that interests them and affords an opportunity to learn and enjoy as well as help others.

Community Service Required Forms

Please see the following forms and documents for specific details about the requirement:

Community Service Google Submit Form

NOTE: Please complete the Community Service Form and Log Sheet for each organization at which you will be completing your community service. All public libraries, parks and recreation, public schools (other than a high school), animal shelters, and medical centers/hospitals are approved organizations. If you are unsure whether the organization you have chosen is an approved site, then please contact Mrs. Millicent Dypiangco or Ms. Marisol De La Cruz prior to starting your community service. For your convenience, these forms are also in the lime green folder labeled "Community Service" in Resources of all Class and Student Leadership group accounts in Schoology. Upload all forms through this Community Service Submit Form. Make sure that the two sides of the Community Service Form are uploaded with signatures of supervisor, parent, and student. Please also make sure that you upload the stamp or seal of the organization on your form or your supervisor's business card or the organization's stationery letterhead with your supervisor's signature verifying your hours. 

Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities

Please see the following page for opportunities to complete the Community Service Requirement:

Volunteer, Internship, Employment Opportunities Page (on Bravo website)

Also check Schoology posts for new volunteer/community service opportunities.