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"Pursuing Victory with Honor". 


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Could not find any faculty or staff.

Steven Ly

Class of '06

"You have to be mentally tough... you want to be good? You have to work harder, work smarter, and tougher than the next player. Ain't no one going to motivate you, you have to motivate yourself. It is those times when you're all alone on the basketball court, all by yourself, with no one by your side... It is those times that makes you, You. Don't care what anybody else thinks about you, not any coach or player. As long as you know in your heart, and you're not lying to yourself, that you're better, then that's all that matters. Play for yourself and not for anybody else. Your goal is not to play to impress anybody or for any recognition. Your goal is to be the best you can for yourself. The person that works the hardest will always be better. Yea, some people may be more talented, lazy and it seems unfair that they're good... but they're cheating themselves, and they're cheating the process. But trust me, in the long run; as long as you work harder, you will always be better. The only person you cheat is yourself. Only you know what you did, and you may be able to cheat others, but you can never cheat yourself."